1. Conclusion of contract

The conclusion of contract is governed by the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations. A reservation is considered as confirmed

once a deposit or credit card guarantee is received. We reserve the right to charge cancellation costs to the credit card provided to us

by way of guarantee. For guests resident in Switzerland, a reservation shall also be considered as definite upon receipt of a written

confirmation (E-Mail, letter).


2. Prices / means of payment

The prices are those agreed in the conclusion of contract or stated on the underlying price list.

Our prices are in Swiss francs (CHF) and include the value added tax (VAT 3.7%).

We accept the following means of payment: American Express, Mastercard, Visa and cash.

We ask for your understanding if personal cheques are not accepted.


Banking details are as follows:

Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank, Postfach, 8010 Zürich

Name: LiveIn Hospitality AG

IBAN: CH31 0070 0110 0074 8282 7



3. Check-in / check-out

Your room will be available from 3 pm on the day of your arrival. We kindly ask you to vacate your rooms by 11AM on the day of departure.


4. Cancellations

Our rates are generally non-refundable and the credit card charged at the time of reservation. In the event of a rebooking, no-show or cancellation after the set deadline or in the event of a premature departure we reserve the right to charge one to three nights, depending on the length of stay. Should the hotelier incur any losses due to a failure on the part of the guest to honour his obligations (late cancellation, no-show, late arrival, early departure), the guest will be held liable in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR 97ff and OR 264 respectively).


5. Room amenities

Our rooms are equipped with bath and/or shower, kitchenette, TV and WIFI.


6. Rental Car

Kindly refer to the general conditions of Cartastic AG* below.


7. Parking

A multi-storey car park is available to our guests; costs: CHF 25.- per day and vehicle (A park card has to be requested prior). Please note that the Hotel cannot be held liable for damage caused to the vehicle during the time it is parked in the car park.


8. Pets

Pets are only allowed prior to Management approval and provided their behavior does not disturb other guests. We reserve the right to invoice you for any damage caused by your pet.


9. Liability of the Hotel

The Hotel is liable for all items brought onto the premises by guests in accordance with statutory provisions. Liability for minor negligence is expressly excluded. Should a guest come to harm or be dissatisfied with the Hotel’s services, he is to notify the Hotel immediately; otherwise he will be no longer be able to assert any rights. Should the Hotel fail to provide the agreed number of hotel rooms, it is liable to the customer for the losses incurred, provided such losses can be demonstrated. Should the Hotel be unable to provide the reserved rooms on the guest’s arrival, it will arrange equivalent alternative accommodation in another hotel and pay for all additional costs such as transport, accommodation, etc., over and above the original prices as contracted. As a matter of principle all claims against the Hotel become statute-barred within six months of the guest’s departure, providing the mandatory statutory provisions do not specify longer periods.


10. Final provisions

Any amendments or additions to the contract or the reservation confirmation are to be made in writing whenever possible. Unilateral amendments or additions are null and void. In signing the contract/reservation confirmation or in unilaterally confirming a booking, you accept the General Terms & Conditions. This contract is subject to Swiss law exclusively.


* General conditions of Cartastic AG


1. Parties The lessor is Cartastic AG with its registered office in Kirchdorf AG (hereinafter referred to as “Rental Firm” or “Cartastic”). The Hirer is the respective natural or legal person listed in the rental contract who rents a vehicle from the Rental Firm.

2. Conclusion and Subject Matter of the Contract

2.1 The reservation/booking of the selected vehicle group made by the Hirer is a binding offer within the meaning of Art. 3 et seqq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations for the conclusion of a vehicle rental contract. The contract is concluded with the Rental Firm’s confirmation to the Hirer, which may also be done by digital means. (Conclusion of Contract).

2.2 The content of the concluded contract shall be confirmed bindingly for both parties at the time of collection of the vehicle by a personal signature of the Hirer on an electronic device below the text of the contract displayed there. With this signature, the Hirer confirms to have read and understood the text of the contract together with these Ts & Cs, which are available for inspection at the rental depot and expressly agrees to them.

2.3 The Rental Firm reserves the right to offer a higher vehicle category in the event that the reserved vehicle category is no longer available or to decline the reservation/booking of the Hirer. If, exceptionally, the Hirer has booked a specific vehicle model, Cartastic does not guarantee the availability of such vehicle model even if the booking has been confirmed. Cartastic is entitled to unilaterally withdraw from the rental contract without further action and in particular without liability for damages in the event that a guaranteed vehicle model is not available.

2.4 Cartastic is furthermore entitled to withdraw from the contract without liability for damages if the Hirer does not pay the hire charges and all other fees and costs for the entire hire period in full before the start of the rental period.

2.5 The Hirer and additional drivers may use the rental object exclusively for the agreed use.

3. Reservation Change/Cancellation by the Hirer

3.1 In the event of a cancellation, a cancellation fee of a maximum of 3 rental days (plus any booked extras, fees, and other costs) shall be retained, unless the Hirer demonstrates that the Rental Firm has incurred no or lower costs or loss of profits due to the cancellation. The amount of the advance payment for the hire charges exceeding the cancellation fee shall be refunded within ten working days after the cancellation. Cancellations and changes must be made prior to the Rental Start by post or in writing, and must be addressed to : Cartastic AG, Studacherstrasse 1, CH-5416 Kirchdorf, Email: If the vehicle that has been reserved is not picked up or not picked up at the agreed time, the hire charges already paid shall be retained in full.

4. Failure to Collect the Vehicle

4.1. For bookings already paid (prepaid), the hire charges already paid shall not be refunded to the Hirer in the event that the reserved vehicle is not picked up or not picked up at the agreed time. The right to claim further damages is expressly reserved.

5. Requirements in respect of the Hirer/Additional Driver

5.1 The Hirer undertakes to comply with the age and driving license regulations prescribed in Switzerland and to have obtained the relevant information prior to the reservation/booking on the website of the road traffic office or by telephone from the responsible office.

5.2 Valid driving licences issued in non-EU countries are treated as equivalent to a Swiss driving licence, if

a) there is no valid visa for Switzerland or an EU country in the Hirer’s passport to be presented;

b) the Hirer has a valid visa for Switzerland or an EU country in the passport to be presented and has not yet been in Europe for longer than 6 months at the time of vehicle collection.

5.3 For driving licences not written in Latin characters, it is also necessary to present an international driving licence.

5.4 If the Hirer or the additional driver does not or no longer meet the requirements in Clause 5 at the time of contract conclusion or Rental Start, the Rental Firm has the right to withdraw from the contract without further action and to refuse the handover of the vehicle. This applies, in particular, in the event that the Hirer has provided incorrect information (e.g. regarding his/her age) at the time of the reservation/booking. In any event, the Rental Firm reserves the right to recover damages for its expenses incurred as well as any further damage from the hire charges already paid (see also Clause 4).

5.5 The vehicle may only be driven by the Hirer. If one or several additional drivers have been specified when the reservation/booking was made, these must also meet the requirements in Clause 5. Should the additional driver(s) no longer meet one of the requirements in Clause 5, none of these persons have the right to drive the hired vehicle. The rental contract shall remain unaffected by this in all other respects. In this case, the Hirer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract nor to demand a refund of the additional amount paid for the additional driver from the Rental Firm.

6. Handover of the Vehicle/Rental Start

6.1 The handover of the vehicle/Rental Start can only take place during the opening times of the relevant hire depot, unless an “out of hour rental” or delivery of the vehicle to an address of the Hirer can be arranged.

6.2 The Hirer has an obligation to present the following documents when hiring the vehicle:

a) a valid driving licence and, if required, an international driving licence (see Clause 5);

b) valid means of payment in accordance with Clause 9;

c) a passport valid for at least three months beyond the end of the hire contract or a Swiss identity card or a respective identity card of an EU country.

d) another identity document showing the currently valid residential address if such address is not shown in the document in accordance with c) above, or verifiable other information on the current residential address. If one of these documents is not available, the Rental Firm has the right to refuse the handover of the vehicle without any further action as well as withdraw from the contract. In this case, the Rental Firm reserves the right to recover damages for its expenses incurred from the hire charges already paid

6.3 If the Hirer collects the vehicle after the agreed time, the proportion of the hire charge relating to the period not utilised is still owed to the Rental Firm.

6.4 Vehicles shall be handed over to the Hirer in an operationally safe condition, with a full tank or in the case of an electric vehicle, with a charge level of at least 80%. At the Rental Start, the Hirer must satisfy himself/herself as to the correctness of the mileage and fuel level of the vehicle stated by the Rental Firm and as to the complete and correct recording of accidents and other preexisting damage to the vehicle as well as any missing equipment (namely missing vehicle documents, insurance certificate, tools, spare wheel, warning triangle, first-aid kit or, in the case of electric vehicles, charging cable or charging accessories) and notify the Rental Firm immediately of any discrepancies. In the absence of such notification, the vehicle shall in each case be deemed to have been handed over in the due condition.

7. Security Deposit General Rental Terms and Conditions. T&C CH EN 10/2022 - 4 –

7.1. The Hirer has an obligation to provide a security deposit at the start of the rental period in order to ensure any claims by Cartastic arising out of or in connection with the rental contract. The amount of the security deposit is dependent on the vehicle group of the hired vehicle and is stipulated in the rental contract. Enquiries about the vehicle group and the security deposit due may be made at any time on telephone, or at in the office of Cartastic. In any event, however, only the vehicle group agreed in the rental contract and the security deposit specified there shall be binding.

7.2. Cartastic is entitled to use the safety deposit to offset any claims against the Hirer arising from or in connection with the rental contract. If such offsetting does not occur, the safety deposit will be refunded or credited to the Hirer after the vehicle has been returned.

7.3. CARTASTIC does not have any obligation to keep the security deposit separate from its assets. The safety deposit does not accrue any interest. CARTASTIC is entitled to demand payment of the security deposit even after the rental period has commenced.

8. Hire Charge

8.1 The hire charge is essentially the tariff agreed in the rental contract together with further fees and expenses. With the conclusion of this rental contract, the Hirer confirms that he/she has acknowledged these charges, fees, and costs and expressly agrees to them (incl. mileage limit, charges for extras such as additional accessories, additional driver's charges, costs of a limitation of liability in accordance with Clauses 15.5 et seqq. below, charges for delivery and collection service, etc.).

8.2 All fuel costs shall be borne by the Hirer. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank or, in the case of an electric vehicle, with a charge level of at least 80%, the refuelling or recharging is invoiced at the average market price for fuel/electricity plus a refuelling fee. Information on the current fee can be requested at the rental depot at any time.

8.3 The rental contract stipulates a specific depot for the return of the vehicle at the end of the rental period. If the vehicle is returned to a depot other than the one specified in the rental contract, a flexi location charge of 19.99 CHF (incl. VAT) is payable by the Hirer. This charge is applied in addition to any potential one-way fee.

9. Place of jurisdiction

9.1 The place of jurisdiction is Baden AG in Switzerland.